Effective and efficient technology solutions

Intuvi has over 30 years of combined experience developing, modifying, implementing, and integrating a wide range of solutions. While our core competency revolves around telemetry and demography, we also work closely with the home distribution and educational industries, providing solutions that range from software integration to custom infrastructure design and implementation.

Who we are

Who we are

Intuvi, Inc.

13785 Research Boulevard
Aspen Lake One, Suite 125
Austin, Texas 78750-1873

844-782-0123 phone
844-782-0123 fax

Intuvi employs the brightest, most diverse, and most capable technical minds available. We feel that every problem deserves an efficient, effective, and elegant solution, and we strive to implement powerful, interoperable systems to make those solutions a reality.

Located in Austin, TX, Intuvi works with corporations, agencies, and end-users alike nationwide to implement technology across a wide range of industries, such as:

  • K-12 education
  • Postal and postal-alternative distribution
  • Vehicle and machinery leasing and financing
  • Business and consumer advertising and marketing


Intuvi is an affiliate member of the Association of Alternate Postal Systems.

What we do

What we do

Customized software, hardware, demography, and telemetrics

Intuvi's combined software development experience allows us to flexibly and efficiently code elegant and extensible solutions, no matter the platform or language.

Intuvi can extend and enhance your existing, custom applications or create new and integrated software solutions.

Intuvi's software-as-a-service demography and location intelligence platform, MapIntel™, can also be customized, branded, and integrated with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to incorporate and leverage powerful and elegant location intelligence.