Engaging mad scientist mode

Intuvi's laboratories are where Intuvi's new and existing products are invented, researched, modified, and tested. Having a narrower market focus on telemetry and location intelligence allows us to create specialized tools that work seamlessly, reliably, and efficiently.

Development Labs





Software Development

Intuvi develops powerful, flexible, efficient software solutions, in both software-as-a-service and customizable, integrated solutions. Intuvi offers several online, telemetric, geographic and demographic research and tracking tools:

  • MapIntel™

    Identify and target customers and populations using up-to-date US Census Bureau data, and quickly create sales, marketing, and execution data products

  • TrackIntel™

    Manage and track vehicles, personnel, and assets in real-time, and report on mileage, drive time, speed, heading, and geofence events

The developers and engineers at Intuvi have all the bases covered -- open-source, closed-source, off-the-shelf, or highly proprietary. Whether you're running in a LAMP emvironment, are subscribed to the Microsoft ecosystem, or have built your own, custom infrastructure, chances are, we speak your language.

Some of our more popular implementations have centered around the following technologies:

  • LAMP + JavaScript/jQuery
  • Microsoft C# + Microsoft SQL Server
  • ARM-based multi-node networks
  • "Black box" telemetric appliances
  • Secure point-to-point networking

Software Integration

Working closely with solutions providers, we offer customized integration technologies and data translation services.

Bridging the gap between distinct systems makes for a more flexible, extensible architecture and widens reach. Intuvi has worked closely with Hayes Software Systems and Myriad Development to provide solutions connecting school districts and insurance brokers nationwide, empowering them with maximum flexibility while ensuring data integrity.

Hardware Solutions

Intuvi's hardware specialists ensure that integration with your existing infrastructure is seamless and efficient.

Providing solutions such as custom hardware assembly and integration, custom black-boxes and translation appliances, and custom vehicle integration, Intuvi can enhance your existing solutions with customized location intelligence and telemetric options.






On-demand, pinpoint telemetrics

Intuvi has provided telemetric and GPS tracking solutions for a wide range of industries spanning more than a decade.

Intuvi's solutions involve a seamless combination of hardware and software, in integrated or standalone configurations. With one of the most robust and accurate GPS tracking systems available, Intuvi's infrastructure can manage and track hundreds of thousands of targets, in real-time.

With detailed reports on idle time, starts, stops, events, triggers, actions, geofences, statuses, activities, speeds and vectors as well as an online portal available on any device with an internet connection, Intuvi ensures that your assets and personnel are always under your control.

Whether you intend to apply real-time tracking outdoors, indoors, or a combination of both, Intuvi can help you implement a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

Intuvi is constantly seeking ingenious, efficient, and effective methods to visualize and digest millions of bits of location intelligence data, customized to your specification.





Location intelligence

Intelligent and efficient demography

Intuvi's demography and location intelligence solutions help take marketing and location intelligence research to the next level.

From software-as-a-service to customized, integrated solutions, Intuvi can help you better pinpoint your target customers. Using a combination of US Census Bureau demographic data, rooftop-level household data, and popular psychographic data offerings, Intuvi can help ensure you leave no stone unturned, and no potential customer unaccounted for.

Whether your needs are for market research and location intelligence software, a custom-integrated data set, or something completely off-the-wall, Intuvi has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and start making more informed decisions about your customers.