Power tools for location intelligence. Simplified.

Drill down to the household level. Hammer out distribution footprints. Saw through demographic constraints. Polish your sales materials.

Punch holes in your competition.

Technology Overview

MapIntel™ technology PDF

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Introducing MapIntel™

Intuvi's premier, online, GIS-in-a-browser, software-as-a-service that satisfies the demographic research needs of a wide range of industries.

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MapIntel™: A 90-second walkthrough


  • Import address lists
  • Automate demographic research
  • Create detailed PDFs

  • You can be up and running, performing simple or complex demographic research for yourself or your clients, in minutes.


  • US Census demographics
  • Blockgroup-level granularity
  • Custom data available

  • Increase your location intelligence by leveraging US Census Bureau housing and population data, or customize MapIntel™ with your own.


  • Point-and-click
  • Powerful automation
  • Keeps track of your progress

  • Desktop GIS software has a much steeper learning curve, complex interface, and higher price tag. Hit the ground running with MapIntel™.

The 5-minute map     Get presentation-quality reports into your hands quickly

  • 9:55

    Create a project

  • 9:56

    Add pushpins

  • 9:57

    Apply filters

  • 9:58

    Define reports

  • 9:59

    Export PDFs

Or, use MapIntel™ to revisit projects, perform complex research, and take time refining the results.

  • Create

    a project

  • Consult

    the client

  • Refine

    the research

  • Apply

    final touches

  • Impress

    the client

MapIntel™ main screen

Conquer the art of location intelligence

MapIntel™ allows you to leverage powerful US Census Bureau household, population, and demographic information in an elegant and intuitive way. Data on incomes, home values, age ranges, educational attainment, and race and ethnicity are included to help you start making more informed decisions about where and who you reach.

MapIntel™ can be white-labeled, customized, integrated, and branded for a wide range of industries to provide a more personalized experience for you and your clients. Rely on Intuvi's Census Bureau data, customize with your own data, or allow us to integrate with a wide range of data offerings for you.

Contact Intuvi for more information on how you can make MapIntel™ your own.

MapIntel™ pushpin select screen

Slice-and-dice geographies like a world-class chef

Make quick work of geographic research around points of interest with automated radius and household quantity selects. Be as finite or as broad as needed -- MapIntel™ allows you to perform exact research, pushpin-by-pushpin, or collect batch results for multiple pushpins at a time.

Accessing demographic data around points of interest with MapIntel™ is as easy as typing an address and entering a radius or household quantity. The results are displayed to you instantaneously, and can be fine-tuned to match exact blockgroup-based geographies.

Contact Intuvi to schedule a live, personalized demonstration of the power of MapIntel™.

MapIntel™ address list screen

Razor-sharp address list management

Customer address lists, mailing lists, and other household-level data sets can be easily imported and refined. MapIntel™'s custom geocoder can process thousands of records per second, enabling you to visualize large data sets quickly.

Understanding consumer household data can uncover a wealth of information about your audience's potential response. MapIntel™ makes importing, managing, and visualizing this data simple and informative.

Contact Intuvi to see how effective list management can help you target better.

MapIntel™ PDF report

PDF take-out for one. Or one hundred.

MapIntel™'s quick and detailed PDF export capabilities ensure that sales presentation materials, client hand-outs, and detailed distribution overviews are available at the click of a button.

From casually talking with your client about their upcoming project to having a high-quality PDF of the solution in their hands in as little as 5 minutes, MapIntel™ can help you become more empowered and responsive.

That's power. That's responsive. That's MapIntel™.

MapIntel™ is built atop the latest in technology, and is compatible with all recent desktop web browsers and operating systems

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Opera
  • Safari